Nine Slow Lorises Rescued!

Avery and Masa are so grateful for the work International Animal Rescue does every day to help save the endangered animals.  

Their team as rescued nine slow lorises from an illegal trader in Indonesia.  The tiny primates had been crammed into a cardboard box which had been taped up as a parcel with tiny airless in the side.  They were all found to be suffering from stress, dehydration and hunger.  Three of them have already had their teeth cut out while two others have friction wounds as a result of being packed together so tightly.

The lorises are currently receiving emergency treatment from the medical team.  IAR Vet Dr. Imam Arifin said: "Packed together so tightly, wish so little air and no food or water, it is a miracle that the poor creatures survived - an no wonder they are now so stressed and in such poor physical condition."  The trader is currently being questioned by investigators to try to gather more information about the network of illegal wildlife traders operating on social media.

Together we can and must all work together to keep fighting to conserve our precious animals and planet.  Avery and Masa won't give up the fight!